Friday, January 27, 2012

Integrity Lessons on Cheating- Ready to Go!

Here are some links for you to click for some instant lesson plans for Flyertime.

Link to lesson plan on cheating-    This is a lesson plan that asks students to brainstorm examples of cheating that they have witnessed.  You will  need butcher paper, markers.

"Cheating Prevents Real Learning" approx 4 min long  This is a short video that will get your discussion or class meeting started.

Academic Integrity  This link takes you to short one minute clips from Teachertube.  They show some high school students role-playing scenarios of students "working together."  They are good to watch and then discuss whether the students were showing "Academic Integrity" in their work.

And here are some Flyertime discussion starters to pose to students. One idea is to have students pair up and share ideas, or you may run these as a class meeting or the way they do "Topic Time" at the high school; class meeting style.

1. Is it "cheating" to lie about your age to get the kid's price at the movies?

2. Is it ever OK  to help a friend with the answers to a school assignment?

3. When working in a group at school, is it cheating to have one friend do #1-5 and another friend to do #6-10 and then copy each other's answers?

4. Your four-year-old nephew asks you if Santa Claus is real.  You can tell by the way he asks that he still wants to believe in Santa Claus.  Are you lying if you say "yes"?

5.  You're living in Belgium during World War II, and you're secretly hiding a Jewish family in your attic.  The police show up at your door and ask if you're harboring Jews.  Should you lie or tell the truth?  Are there times when you might make a greater mistake by telling the truth than by lying?  Give other examples that support your opinion.

6. The President of the United States has learned about a new communications device that will allow the U.S. government to discover where other countries store their weapons.  The same device can also be used to snoop on people in the U.S.  Is the President obligated to tell the people about this new device?  Why or why not?

*source- Adapted from "What Do You Stand For?" 

After your session, please feel free to have a student or yourself comment on this blog post and let us know how it went.  Would you like a new blog post/idea each Flyertime week?  Your feedback will be really helpful. 

Thank you!